Why do they try to make band aids skin color?

Answer They make clear ones.

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What are band aids made of?

Band-Aids are made of nylon fibers that are embedded into medical cloth that has an adhesive underside made of epoxy. Cotton is covered with a plastic sheet with holes for ventilation; this coated ... Read More »

Why are band-aids so important?

Band-aids are very important because they help prevent the wound from becoming infected. Band-aids cover the wound which is the most important thing. Not only do they cover the wound, but they also... Read More »

Why are Band Aids so hard to open?

It's to keep them sterile, but I'll also go with your sadist theory because some brands of band-aids have managed to combine the staying sterile thing with easy to open bandages. They open sort of ... Read More »

Which cartoon character do you prefer on your Band-Aids?

man, I'm going to have to check out the cartoon bandaids next time. I had no idea they had such cool ones!