Why do they test children with nuclear medicine?

Answer put its legs to its tummy i thinkk..?

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Problems With Nuclear Energy in Medicine?

Nuclear medical imaging uses radioactive material to diagnose ailments. Technicians inject small amounts of radioactive material into patients' blood and make observations with special cameras. Suc... Read More »

How can you treat children with ADD without medicine?

ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is a chronic behavioral disorder that initially occurs during childhood, according to the MedicineNet website. Children with ADD usually have problems staying fo... Read More »

How Do I Treat Children with ADD Without Medicine?

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you have several decisions to make with regards to his or her treatment. You may wish to treat the ADHD with medications prescribed by your child's doctor. H... Read More »

Uses of Nuclear Energy in Medicine?

Nuclear material first gained widespread use in a medical context in the 1950s. Nuclear medicine is generally diagnostic rather than therapeutic in nature. In most cases, small amounts of radioacti... Read More »