Why do they put caffeine in drinks?

Answer It's addictive, making it harder for their best customers to quit.Caffeine is actually bitter, but they use so little that it's buried by the sugar & flavoring chemicals they add. So the caffeine d... Read More »

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How much caffeine is in energy drinks?

The caffeine content varies in energy drinks depending on the brand and serving size. It can have as little as 48 milligrams to as much as 300 milligrams. For example, the popular energy drink Red ... Read More »

Do the french vanilla drinks at 7-11 contain caffeine?

If they were coffee,then there wouldn't' be a drop of sugar in them.

Which has the better caffeine buzz hot or cold drinks?

Ounce for ounce, espresso has the highest concentration of caffeine. As it can be drunk in hot or cold drinks, the temperature doesn't really matter. But if you can stand drinking straight shots of... Read More »

About to have 500ml of energy drinks. 30mg caffeine per 100ml. How long until i feel energised?

When you start throwing up and see things that aren't there.Dont bother with the drinks, go blading that will energise you,.