Why do they put a ring in a pig's nose?

Answer A nose ring in any animal may look like a sadistic torture device but in reality it is for the good of the owner as well as the health of the pig.OmnivoresLike humans, pigs are omnivores. They eat... Read More »

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How to clean a healed nose ring and navel ring?

I don't really do anything for any of my healed piercings. As long as they are healed you don't have to do anything. I've got way too many piercings to be taking them out and cleaning them all the ... Read More »

Nose ring help please?

it take from9 months to one year to fully heal cause its cartilage

To old for a nose ring?

My mother was 50 when she got her nostril pierced. I've pierced people in more sensitive places than noses who were in their 40's and 50's.

Can I take my nose ring out in 5 weeks?

On One Hand: Nose Piercing Are Cartilage PiercingsCartilage piercings take longer to heal than, say, the fleshy earlobe. It's is recommended to allow these piercings three to six months, even up to... Read More »