Why do they keep taking Seniors medical marijuana away from them?

Answer After a run and smokin' a fatty to the head, I'd have to say the answer is quite clear...Mind and money control. It doesn't just take physical and mental pain away, it can make one realize they don... Read More »

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Are people taking advantage of medical marijuana?

On One Hand: Medical Could Be a "Red Herring"According to the US Department of Justice, drug users are promoting the use of medical marijuana as a "red herring" to promote legalization of harder dr... Read More »

Would my medical condition make me eligible to be a medical marijuana patient If so, where should I go?

Well yes you could qualify but to what end? Pain management only? If this is what you want and all you are looking for then yes. Just keep in mind that you cannot walk around under the influence... Read More »

Medical Equipment for Seniors?

Allowing seniors to care for themselves and helping caregivers offer better care is made easier with the help of the proper medical equipment. As seniors age, they lose mobility which increases the... Read More »

Medical Transportation for Seniors?

As the body slows down, concerns about medical transportation can increase. Giving up your car keys can mean drastically reduced mobility and even getting to the local doctor's office may be challe... Read More »