Why do they keep taking Seniors medical marijuana away from them?

Answer After a run and smokin' a fatty to the head, I'd have to say the answer is quite clear...Mind and money control. It doesn't just take physical and mental pain away, it can make one realize they don... Read More »

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If you find out from the doctor that you are pregnant would heshe keep you on birth control pills if you are already taking them or would heshe tell you to stop taking them?

Pill While Pregnant    A doctor would tell you to stop taking them immediately if you want to protect the fetus.  Birth control pills can be harmful or can have abortive properties for the fetus.

How to Get a Friend Back from Someone Who Is Taking Them Away?

If you are slowly losing a really good friend of yours to someone else then simply follow these easy steps:

Cats keep using my garden as their public toilets. How can I keep them away without hurting them Any ideas?

Go to a pet store our shop online dirt is a product you sprinkle in the soil.

Are people taking advantage of medical marijuana?

On One Hand: Medical Could Be a "Red Herring"According to the US Department of Justice, drug users are promoting the use of medical marijuana as a "red herring" to promote legalization of harder dr... Read More »