Why do they call it "breastmilk"?

Answer well you sure are a special kind of person aren't you?technically milk from a cow comes from an udder and more specifically the teets.... thank God we don't call it teet-milk, cuz then you'd be rea... Read More »

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Can your breastmilk 'just dry up'?

no, milk doesn't just "dry up"there are a small percentage of women who truly have supply problems, but it doesn't work the way you just described. you don't "run out" of milk b/c you nursed too of... Read More »


You have a very generous sister. I would keep pumping and doing things to build your supply and take her up on her offer. Women donate their surplus milk to preemies all the time. So it is not an u... Read More »

How do you donate breastmilk?

So let me get this straight? We will give our children, milk from a dirty, smelly cow, but milk from another human being is disgusting and odd?Riiiiiight...I'm a formula feeder, but every Tom, Dick... Read More »

Breastmilk recipes?

I used it for coffee because we was out of milk.