Why do they call it a hair lip?

Answer Possibly because it resembles the cleft lip of a hare (rabbit)

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Why do people call orange hair "red hair"?

People with "red" or orange hair were seen as possessing part of the devil within them. The orange can easily be associate with red, the color of the devil, so "red" hair was probably adopted more ... Read More »

What would you call a bad hair day?

A bad hair day for me is when if I have it curly I can't get them defined and frizz free and then if my hair is straightened it is stiff and won't flow and I can't style it the way I want to.

What do you call someone with black hair?

A person with black hair is also a brunette.

What do you call that strip of hair between the female bellybutton&pubic area?

Many females as well as males have a vertical strip of abdominal hair between their bellybuttons and pubic areas. This pattern abdominal hair is called sagittal, and is sometimes informally known a... Read More »