I love the hamburgers from McDonald's. Aren't they the best?

Answer I agree... mcdonald's is the hardest thing to resist once you're there hahaha I try to have it in moderation but I love the $1 menu double cheesburger- and chicken nuggets w/ buffalo sauce- now I'm... Read More »

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When they give people tattoos for radiation, why do they do that, and what is it made from?

When you are going through radiation, they carefully target the area they wish to get.When they are doing the initial scans, they have lead indicators taped at each tattoo so they show on the scans... Read More »

Do you have to put grease in the pan when cooking hamburgers?

On One Hand: Use a Little OilIf you are making hamburgers with ground beef that is 90 to 96 percent lean, you will need a little bit of oil, no more than a tablespoon, to keep your burgers from sti... Read More »

Are chicago hot dogs made out of all beef or they have some pork in it?

From what I understand the more accurate name would be Chicago "style" hot dog. To be authentic the hot dog must be all beef (including the casing). If you are purchasing hot dogs you would need ... Read More »

When you have hamburgers do you make them into patties or use the frozen ones instead?

I love making my own..some of the frozen kinds taste too processed. I get 1 pound of 80/20 ground beef, and I add grated onion, worcestershire sauce, steak seasoning and a little bit of garlic powd... Read More »