Do you die if you eat too many hamburgers?

Answer The saturated fat will build up over time in the arteries of the heart and this can lead to a heart attack. Of course the process of plaque buildup from fatty foods takes decades. So technically ye... Read More »

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I eat hamburgers and i get sick?

Don't eat food that gets you sick.Problem solved.

Where do meat hamburgers come from on a cow?

Hamburger meat--also referred to as ground beef or beef mince--is made from trimmings from many different parts of a cow. According to Meals for You, it comes primarily from lean cuts, including ch... Read More »

What do you like to season hamburgers with?

I only use salt and pepperI love mayo and dill pickles

IF you eat hamburgers,what do you like on topYou know,in the bun?

Mayo, onion, 1-2 pickles slices, and tomato.