Recipe for monsoon at port of call of new orleans?

Answer 2oz White Rum2oz Pineapple Juice2oz Passion Fruit Juice 4oz Sweet/Souronce mixed you pour another 2 oz of Dark rum over the top.

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Is it true people in New Orleans call spagetti sauce "gravy" like some new yorkers?

If a call a business, and they transfer my call to another number, does my caller ID still show up?

I transfer my calls to my VoIP line and it transfers the call to my cell phone. I get the original CID sent to my cell. In your far-fetched example, they wouldn't transfer your call to Burger Kin... Read More »

What do you do when your boost mobile android phone does not let you call people but they can call you?

yup it does .i have the tap-out edition, pretty shure the other versions do to.

If visitors to New Orleans only have 24 hours to take it in, what should they see?

See the Aquarium; take a steamboat ride on the Mississippi (the steamboats leave right near the Aquarium); go see Louis Armstrong Park; take a horse & buggy tour through the Garden District; get a ... Read More »