Why do they bleep this out on cable tv?

Answer I think it's because the word a** when referring to a donkey isn't a bad word but when it's connected to hole then it is bad.

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Why isn't Bleep My Dad Says being aired?

"Bleep My Dad Says" is airing and is popular its on channel 3 if you have charter. I think.

What word did DW Read say in the bleep episode on Arthur?

What time and chanel does Who the Bleep Did I marry come on Direct TV?

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be an actual song. Its' just a jingle put together for the commercial. Directv responded to an email inquiry about the song saying the information was "not available".

Who created the 1957 TV series"Colonel Bleep"?

Robert D. Buchanan created and wrote the 1957 television series "Colonel Bleep," which lasted for 104 episodes, according to the Internet Movie Database. The show is known for being the first color... Read More »