Why do they always send out a fire engine on a paramedic call?

Answer Typically ambulance companies have fewer "bases" in a city. This means the response time is longer than a fire unit. In my city all fireman are EMT basics which means they administer basic life sup... Read More »

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Always congress meet and they have a talk....... that how they react..............................................?

R.O.T.C is a leadership course you take when in high school or college (if available) The program simply teaches ,discipline, moral, dedication, honor in what you do. There is promotion in ranks ... Read More »

"Fire Engine" or "Fire Truck"?

I've always personally heard and used "fire truck" more than the alternative, but that does not mean "fire engine" is incorrect. If someone said "fire engine," I'd still know what they meant.

What can I do for my lips when they feel like they are on fire and all red?

put vaseline on before bedor there is a chapstick by chapstick brand called overnight.. its in a purple tubeit ACTUALLY works!or if you put a little honey around your lips overnight that helps as w... Read More »

If a call a business, and they transfer my call to another number, does my caller ID still show up?

I transfer my calls to my VoIP line and it transfers the call to my cell phone. I get the original CID sent to my cell. In your far-fetched example, they wouldn't transfer your call to Burger Kin... Read More »