Why do they always mess up my order in the drive thru?

Answer You no speaka the same language

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Order mess up at Moe's?

Yes, doesn't matter if it annoyed him or not. You asked for what you wanted, and they messed up your order. Next time just tell them you can't eat meat.

Every time I go into my email you people mess it up. I dont be wrong about the password. Stop mess with my?

who are you talking to? it's not like your fellow users here at Y!A can help you with your problem

How do you get siblings to clean up their own mess when neither will admit to making the mess?

well catch them doing something bad at first like if they have a recorder and they are saying funny but bad things in it black mail them that you are gonna tell an adult and trust me they will list... Read More »

Are the pedals on a right-hand drive vehicle in reverse order than that of a left-hand drive?

Nope, the right pedal is still the accelerator and the gear lever stays between the front passenger and the driver.