Why do they always mess up my order in the drive thru?

Answer You no speaka the same language

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How to Order a Meal at the McDonald's Drive Thru?

McDonald's meals sure are good. But if you don't know how to order at the drive-thru, how will you get one? Many families don't have time to go inside to order, so drive thru's are essential.

How to Order From a Drive Thru at a Fast Food Restaurant?

Want to go threw the drive thru to get some food fast and simply? Than this article will tell the best way to order food from the drive thru, whether it be at McDonalds, Wendy's, or Burger King.

How to Order Food at McDonald's Drive Thru Simply and Easily?

Everyone has gone through the drive thru at McDonald's at least once, so here are some instructions to get the process over with quickly.

Order mess up at Moe's?

Yes, doesn't matter if it annoyed him or not. You asked for what you wanted, and they messed up your order. Next time just tell them you can't eat meat.