Why do the villains only send one main monster out in a shows like super sentai or kamen rider when it would be smarter to send out more when the hero has been causing them problems?

Answer iam lazy to answer this q ask wikipedia thank you and sorry

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Does Kamen Rider Super-1 have an insignia?

American Idol is aired on FOX 5 at 8PM on Tuesdays (the day the contestants sing) and 9PM on Wednesdays (the results show). Hope this helped! Enjoy the show!

Which is the strongest between kamen rider decade and kamen rider diend?

decade as he can destroy worlds and fight all the hesei riders together plus diend and not die in three seconds

What are the names of the kamen riders in kamen rider ryuki?

i only know there American name Dragon knight, Wing knight, Incisor, Torque, Camo, Thrust, Sting, Strike, Spear, Siren, Onyx, Wrath, Axe, Zaviax (edit: Kamen Rider Ryuki characters go as following ... Read More »

How do you get kamen riders in kamen rider climax heroes ooo wii?