Why do the videos on YouTube keep stopping and starting when I try to watch them?

Answer It's probably your internet connection causing the video to play faster than it's downloading, causing it to pause or buffer.

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Can anyone tell me how I can watch U Tube videos without them keep stopping every couple of seconds?

these will help you...1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother, and re-install latest flash.get the latest flash player, and install it.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running d... Read More »

YouTube videos keep stopping and won't work?

Why is my Nikon coolpix L26 slowing down/stopping when i watch the videos on my computer?

maybe you have a slow memory card you need a fast card to record HD videos look what class is your card and try a faster one if you can

How do I download videos off youtube and watch them on a dvd player........?

I think the simplest (and free) way to download videos from youtube is this:just go to: the url of the youtube video you want, and you can convert it to any format y... Read More »