Why do the speakers on the TV buzz when the scene changes?

Answer It may be because of some fault in your TV. You should use TV shield to protect your TV from everything, indoors and outdoors at your home or business.The TV Shield, is the ultimate indoor and outd... Read More »

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My speakers buzz, then work perfectly fine then buzz again.?

Sounds like your speakers are getting ready to blow out.

Why do my speakers buzz?

because they cant humm the tune right....they r picking up the interferance from the pc voltage that is running throught the system it doesnt take much power to listen to the litle stand alone spea... Read More »

Did Justin kelly of the latest buzz luved rebecca Harper of the latest buzz?

Uhmm in real life? no they actually had alot of fights lol but in the show he did you question is kind of confusing

What is the song used in episode CSI Crime Scene Investigation All In when they showed the Huxley era scene?