Why do the same friends always show up in my friends box every time?

Answer same thing happens to me! it's always the same people, no matter how many times i refresh or when I log off and then log back on. i've read theories that it may be people who look at your page the ... Read More »

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Why does my friends list on facebook always show the same people on the home screen?

it's based on mutual interaction and things you have in commonit's not based simply on who you talk to the most, or who views your profile

What is was the name of children's TV show where one of the friends had to wear a mask and his other friends directed him?

What old TV show aired in the late 1990's or early 2000's on ABC family about a guy and a group of his friends who would do random things every show and the theme song played backwards?

it depends in which city you are in because each city has different channels

I know this is a stupid question, but do you always have the same IP address, or is it different every time?

Hello Frenzy,this is an smart question. Your IP address settings are given t you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and going to depend whether your account has been set to a Static or Dynamic ... Read More »