Why do the phases of the moon occur?

Answer The phases of the moon occur because the sun lights only half of it at any given time. The different phases depend on what part of the lit portion of the moon is facing our point of view as it move... Read More »

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How many days does it take for all of the moon phases to occur?

The moon goes through a full cycle of phases in a lunar month, which is equal to 29.53 days. With the new moon as a starting phase, the full moon marks the halfway point in the cycle.References:NAS... Read More »

At what two phases of the moon does earthshine occur?

Earthshine occurs when sunlight reflects off the Earth onto the moon. It is visible from Earth near the horizon at sunset, when the moon is in its waxing or waning crescent phase.References:NASA S... Read More »

Do spring tides occur during the first and last quarter phases of the Moon?

Spring tides, tides greater than normal, occur during new and full moons from the combined gravitational effects of the Sun and Moon. The first- and last-quarter moon produces neap tides, weaker ti... Read More »

In Science, How Do the Moon's Phases Depend on the Relative Position of the Sun, Moon & Earth?

The ancient peoples of the Earth defined their calendars by the phases of the moon. Although the Earth's cycle about the sun is more important for determining the seasons for planting and harvestin... Read More »