Why do the people of US use only use fork when they have their meal?

Answer forks aren't the only thing we use!

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You have 2 Bichons and moved to a condo the condo association now says they have changed their rules and you are allowed one pet only They are refusing to grandfather your purchase under the original?

If you purchased the condominium when the rule allowed two pets, and afterward, the association adjusted its rules to limit the number of pets to one, you should be allowed to keep both animals bec... Read More »

When people say they are more comfortable with their bodies at 40 then they were at 25 that's BS right?

Nope. I'm still a fantastic beast and I'm almost 50.RAWR!

Why do they have a whole clock on countdown when they only use half?

When the programme was first about to be aired, all the rules hadn't been worked out. The set designers did not know whether contestants would have 30 sec or a minute to work out the answers, so th... Read More »

When professionals are at a photo shoot they have something for their DSLRs that immediatly when they take a picture it goes onto the computer for review what is this called?

An extended-range wireless controller system designed for EOS cameras with N3 remote control sockets. Provides remote shutter release capability with a maximum transmitter-to-receiver distance of 3... Read More »