Why do the people at Mellow Mushroom keep doing this?

Answer Sounds like they value your patronage and just trying to give you the best deal they can without it costing them any more. Sounds like a place that I'd keep going back to. And, yes, I'd also show... Read More »

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Does anyone know if the parmesan shavings at the Mellow Mushroom are made with vegetarian rennet?

Depends where you are. I've never heard of the company so I'm guessing America? In Europe it's legally protected and would have to be made with animal rennet."Outside Europe, commercially produced ... Read More »

Why does my leg keep doing this?

It probably is a cramp which is commonly known as a "Charley Horse". However, the cramping could be a symptom of something else that may be going on. It could signify a deficiency in any of the fol... Read More »

If eating meat is wrong, why do people keep doing it?

Why does my printer keep doing this?