Why do the leaves keep falling of your lime tree?

Answer Answer is it getting enough sun? water? fertilizer? is it indoors? exposed to a cold winter?

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What caused my Kaffir lime tree to lose 2/3 of its leaves?

The exuding sap may be from wounds caused by borers and could also explain the leaf loss. Get a treatment for borers and follow directions. Used to use Lindane but I think the EPA got it banned.

Should i remove curled dry leaves from a lime tree?

No. Curled leaves on citrus trees can be caused by extreme weather conditions or insect and fungus invasions. Depending on the reason for the leaf curl, different approaches may be taken in order t... Read More »

You have an orange tree Its leaves are turning yellow in the middle of the leaves what can you do to take care of this tree?

All my leaves are drying up and falling of the new leaves are turning brown under neath the leaf why?

Answersounds like too much water to me. could be too little water or too much sun as well could be a disease ftyujkilop[][pouyfrdsadfyui0op-iuyresedfhop[poiuy