Activities on Why Leaves Lose Their Colors?

Answer In the fall, students look outside and watch the leaves change colors and float to the ground. Many of them, however, may have no idea what causes the leaves to change colors. You can organize acti... Read More »

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Why Do Leaves Turn Different Colors in the Fall?

Deciduous trees are the ones that give the brilliant fall displays that characterize autumn for many. However, in order for these trees to put on such a show, certain conditions must be met. The cl... Read More »

Science Projects on Leaves Changing Colors?

From a young age, children ask their parents and teachers why leaves change colors in the fall. The answer, of course, lies in the fact that each green leaf contains pigments of several colors, and... Read More »

I change my desktop colors by mistake. How do I change it back to orginal?

Consult the user mnaul for your monitor and reset the settings to default. You can also get the user manual on manufacturer;s website.

Why do Drosera leaves change color?

What you are seeing is the maturation phase of the plant.As with the sunworts and Venus Flytraps of North America, sundews multiple by sending off "runners" that set root some distance away from th... Read More »