Why do the leaves and fruits fall off your kumquat tree?

Answer Falling Kumquats This is caused by some form of stress to the plant. Most often, this is a lack of water.

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Why are veins yellow on leaves of kumquat tree?

Zinc deficiency. Answer Usually yellow veins are caused by damage to some part of the plant from physical damage or disease, or from a nitrogen deficiency. A zinc deficiency usually shows itself w... Read More »

Should you rake your neighbors lawn when your tree leaves fall on their property?

It would buy you a lot of good will with your neighbors.

Looking for name of tree with fern-like leaves and lavender flowers. Leaves look like chinese silk tree?

Sorry, it is not the mimosa. The mimosa blooms are a fluffy pink pincushion shape. The tree you are looking for is the Jacaranda mimosifolia. Better know by those who own one as the Mess-o-randa... Read More »

You have an orange tree Its leaves are turning yellow in the middle of the leaves what can you do to take care of this tree?