Why do the blue slacks not match the dark blue jacket in the marine dress blues?

Answer The US 1831 uniform regulations designated a light blue uniform including a shell jacket and trousers for field use with a stripe on the outer seam of the trouser corresponding to the branch of ser... Read More »

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Does lavender purple and dark blue match?

Yes. I love the way the two colors look together(:

Why is the marines dress blue pants a lighter color from the jacket?

What accessories would match a royal blue prom dress?

gold or silver, of course, whichever suits you best. "Diamonds," pearls, or "sapphires" (I say in quotes because if you're wearing a more elaborate piece, it's not likely to be covered in the real... Read More »

What does the red piping on the marine dress blue uniform stand for?

The red piping comes from the Revolutionary War. At that time the US did not have money for uniforms. It was customary for Marines to take the uniforms of fallen British Troops (their red coats). T... Read More »