Why do the batteries on my Logitech cordless mouse run out about once a month!?

Answer I have the smae problem. The thing is, the laser from your mouse is always on, sensing movement. The keyboard only uses power when you press the keys. I bought USB rechargable batteries ( you can c... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse?

Logitech cordless optical mice provide a number of advantages over traditional trackball mice. They have greater precision than those with a trackball, can be used on a larger variety of surfaces a... Read More »

What are the best batteries to use in a cordless mouse?

I have a microsoft wireless mouse and replace the duracell battery about once every 2 months. Do you leave your computer on all the time?

How to Insert Batteries Into a Logitech Mouse?

Laptops have become more and more popular because of size and ease of transport, and it is logical that more companies have produced wireless attachments to go along with those laptops. Logitech ha... Read More »

How do I change the batteries on a V320 cordless mouse?

Change the Batteries on a V320 MousePush the button on the bottom of the mouse up towards the top of the mouse. Turn the mouse over, and pull the bottom half of the mouse off, which is the battery ... Read More »