Why do the McDonald's ads never have fat people advertising their food?

Answer How many drunks do you see advertising whisky....

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Why is it that they wont serve me in the pub when I am drunk, but they never turn away fat people in Mcdonalds?

It is illegal to be drunk in a public place.

How come the chinese never get as fat as us english who eat their food?

Since I am Chinese..I can answer this question quite confidently. The food served in restaurants (whether you're in China, Hong Kong or the U.S.) is COMPLETELY different from what Chinese people e... Read More »

In places where people eat with their hands, do they have to serve food at room temperature?

depends on the foodmany have forms of bread or other material to hold hot food away from their skin while eatingnaan, pita, tortillas, etc are all examples of these.

Why is it that fat people never can say NO to junk food?

Same reason your mom cant say no to $20 for a BJ.