Why do the McDonald's ads never have fat people advertising their food?

Answer How many drunks do you see advertising whisky....

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Why is McDonalds so popular when the food it is so obviously unhealthy for you?

Ronald McDonald and his temples of obesitiy should all be burned to the ground. Evil places that only serve to clog the veins of the world's population! As for their 'salads'... what a joke, they a... Read More »

Do you call mcdonalds american food?

hmm that's a good question.but maybe not? when we go to taco bell we never necessarily say "let's go get mexican" we just say "let's go to taco bell" but then again.. taco bell is amercanized mexic... Read More »

Is mustard seed used in mcdonalds food?

Im prety sur that you put this in wrong but if not it was...... YOUR MOM

Is food like McDonalds allowed on amtrak trains?