Why do the British have such rotten teeth?

Answer The NHS (their health system) does not cover dental. My cousin in Liverpool told me that NHS does have dental clinics but apparently they're useless compared to the private ones. I’ve traveled to... Read More »

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Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth It's true about a British Smile, but why?

Ok - honestly, from someone who has immigrated from North America to live in England: Yes and no. I would propopse that the percentage of British people who have bad teeth is greater than the perce... Read More »

Why is the armed forces mcss such a rotten company and have so many complaints against them?

No offence, but why do so many British people have bad (buck) teeth?

I have such yellow teeth and I don't know why!?

Many foods can make teeth yellow, and soda through straw makes no difference, because it still ends up in mouth, not throat. Ketchup can make them yellowish.