Why do the 999 emergency people keep asking questions?

Answer The ambulance or fire engine is usually dispatched immediately and they ask questions to see if there is anything that you can do until they get there. I have the utmost respect for the operators,... Read More »

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Why the hell do people keep asking dumb questions?

Because that's what is all about ;)

How to Annoy People Who Are Asking Insulting Questions?

Unfortunately, bullies are rampant everywhere in schools and they have a knack to make you feel miserable by asking you insulting questions. Have you've been bullied a lot? Here is a quick fire way... Read More »

Why do people not google questions before asking on y!a?

I agree with you entirely because quite often the answers are, use Google.

Why do people ask questions here instead of asking their doctor?

The example you give is a very poor one.1.5 mm total difference is 0.75 mm per eye...which is of no consequence no matter how you want to calculate it.1.5 mm each eye is a different story.If you wa... Read More »