Why do teens now a days go crazy over sex?

Answer Parents have taught that everyone should wait until marriage to have sex, and teenagers, always loving to contradict their elders, do not follow these warnings. Even with STDs running around faster... Read More »

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Do celebrities' trips to rehab, 'crazy' behaviour and partying have a negative influence on kids and teens?

Yes they do. They make believe 8 to 14 year old girls (especially) that life is nothing but a party, from which school, family, rules and effort are absent.Even parents who try to educate their chi... Read More »

I got sunburned three days and its itching like crazy! Help?

Over the last couple of days there is afilm of yellowish powdery stuff all over my windshield. Is it radiation?

Yellowish powdery stuff? Radiation? Besides not being able to see radiation, I have a feeling your thinking of Uranium, which is commonly referred to as "yellow cake" which IS in fact a yellow powd... Read More »

How to Make Any Girl Go Crazy over You?

Have you ever liked a girl really badly but thought she was way out of your league? Well, this article will teach you how to get your girl no matter who you are or what you look like! To make any g... Read More »