Why do teenagers put half naked photos of themselves on their profile?

Answer i dont know but i find it disgusing that this seems to be reasonable and normal to them! they have no respect for their own bodies, makes me sick!

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Scanned some old photos last night & half were 'jpg', but other half went 'pdf'.?

The printer might package more than one document as a PDF. Mine does that if you place more than one piece of paper in the feeder.To fix, you can try opening the files in Adobe PDF viewer (or any o... Read More »

Are there any naked photos of lacey turner?

Yes there is quite allot but there more of posters than pictures.

What should you do if you were going through old photos and you found a photo of your mom naked?

Put it back where you found it and forget you ever saw it.

Why women dont fully cover their breasts and keep them half naked?