Why do teenagers go to fast restaurants?

Answer uhh if you mean fast food... for one its fast (duh) and its cheaper than regular restaurants... and its usually an enviornment where you can hang and be stupid.

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What are good tips to help teenagers make money fast?

You can try filling bags with ad flyers and deliver them. There's a company that gives you about $2 for every bag you fill and deliver and it's available pretty much anywhere in the United States o... Read More »

Problems in Fast Food Restaurants?

Fast food restaurants have developed sizable clientele for the speed and inexpensive prices of their items. However, an increase in the general public's concern with health has launched a tirade ag... Read More »

Opinions on these fast food restaurants?

Roy Rodgers - never heard ofCheckers - good burgers, great fries, great milkshakesChurch's - good chicken but I don't really ever eat therePopeye's - never been but I want to!Arby's - roast beef sa... Read More »

Rate those fast food restaurants out of ten?

McDonalds- 8Burger King- 8Taco Bell- 2Subway- 8.5Wendy's- 9KFC- 2.5