Why do tattoo haters spend time answering questions in the tattoo section?

Answer Because They are F*cken idiots! they just want to bring people down....dont even listen to them..they believe strongly that "Tattoos" are "Tacky " or "disgusting"..but if you love shou... Read More »

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Why do people who hate tattoos insist on answering tattoo questions?

a sign in the parlor when i got my first tatoo read, The difference between someone with a tatoo and someone without is, people with tatoo's don't care if you haven't got one.

Why do people, like myself, spend so much time answering these questions?

we answer ?s b/c were bored like i am really bored right now

Tattoo and body piercing haters..Why are you here?

I do believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion, and there is a law for freedom of speech that I do strongley believe in! But at the same time we just like you ask questions to get an... Read More »

So does Rider have to work overtime now that Blair is missing from the tattoo section?

Actually I DON'T have to work overtime......All the regulars have stepped up the pace. Most of them know much more about tattoos than I do.....I'm here to bash scratchers, tattoo haters and to pro... Read More »