Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?

Answer Tattoo artists are trained *not* to tattoo people who are drunk, for both obvious and health-related reasons that involve risk both to the person being tattooed, and to the artist himself. Those th... Read More »

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Tattoo artists......?

Now days I spend most or actually all of my time doing realism work or realistic pieces. Since I have brought a few techniques into the industry over the past few years this is what I spend most of... Read More »

Tattoo artists, what do you dislike?

Don't like tribal or kanji, they're boring to do. I refuse to do names unless it is for a child or a lost loved one. I have had some people try to lie to me when I ask who the name belongs to, bu... Read More »

How do tattoo artists come up with a Chinese name?

usually they purchase supposed words and an alphabet from somewhere and use that. it is totally fake and tons of people have nonsense tattooed on them. i think it's kindof funny but i always try to... Read More »

Who are your favorite tattoo artists?

My tattoo artist, Jose :)Everyone from INKSTOP in NYC. They are freakin amazing. That's where I go for mine.Zach, go to tattoo is on his page. It's a dragon head. :) The other horn got c... Read More »