Why do sum mothers give birth to babies at 34weeks?

Answer Due to extra evolution speed it is also depends on a woman's diet.

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Do surrogate mothers have to give birth in a hospital, with an OB?

The place of birth is up to the intended parents. This is because not only are the intended parents providing the insurance for the surrogate mother, but they are also financially responsible for a... Read More »

Why don't single mothers give their babies up for adoption instead of keeping and neglecting them?

Well i know alot of single parents that got pregnant while single and they are wonderful mothers, on the other hand there are some single mothers that turn out to be the way you said, those people ... Read More »

Do reptiles give birth to live babies?

Reptiles lay amniotic eggs--eggs which protect and nourish a fetus--with a leathery or hard outer shell and that must fertilized internally. Some rare reptiles are viviparous, meaning they will giv... Read More »

How many babies can a goat give birth to?