Why do sugargliders urinate on their owners?

Answer Sugar gliders are small, rodent-like marsupials originating in Australia. Sugar gliders frequently urinate and defecate on their handlers because they have little or no ability to control eliminati... Read More »

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Why do dogs urinate on their owner's clothing?

Although unneutered male dogs mark their territory more often than females or neutered dogs, any dog can mark. Marking behavior is not the same as normal urination.MarkingMarking behavior includes ... Read More »

Why does a Diabetic urinate so much when their blood sugar is high?

Hey Harley Mama,When the blood sugar rises and there isn't enough insulin in the body to get the sugar into the cell -- the tissues begin to flood the blood stream with stored fluid so that your ki... Read More »

Are sugargliders illegal in canada?

Sugar gliders are small marsupials native to Australia. It is legal to have a sugar glider as a pet in some parts of Canada, such as Kitchener, Alberta, British Columbia, Toronto, Quebec, Perth and... Read More »

Do all home owners associations own their streets?

Review your governing documents to determine the real estate assets owned in common with all other owners in your association. The roadways may be included, or not. There is no standard.