Why do students need school if you dnt learn anything?

Answer laws of the host country

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How to Get High School Students to Learn a New Language?

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How to Learn Basic Spanish for Middle School Students?

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Should all elementary school students be required to learn a foreign language?

On One Hand: Academic and Societal BenefitsBilingual students often perform better on verbal and English language tests than those who know only one language, according to Kathleen M. Marcos of ERI... Read More »

Swiss gymnasium students: Do you learn physics at school with "Impulse Physik" from Klett?

Im in Kantonsshule Limmattal in canton Zurich. WE don't have a physics book but it's because were in 1st grade.My sister (4th grade) who is in Kantonschule Zürich Birch uses ''Giancoli Physik'' by... Read More »