Why do southerners paint their porch ceilings blue?

Answer Painting the porch ceiling blue has become a tradition in the South, that is to say, the southern United States. The specific blue color is a light blue, like a cornflower, and has come to be known... Read More »

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What type of paint should be used to paint ceilings?

Answer I've used regular paint to paint ceilings. I think that the main difference in 'ceiling paint' is that it is thicker. But I'm not positive. I didn't have any problems using regular paint. I... Read More »

How do I remove texture paint from ceilings?

Put on Protective EquipmentCover the floor with plastic drop cloths. Move or cover and furniture with drop cloths. Wear eye protection, gloves and a proctective mask.Test for AsbestosSpray a mixtur... Read More »

Paint Color Choices for Ceilings?

Most people paint their ceilings an unobtrusive white. It's simple, timeless and--let's face it -- sometimes boring. Choosing a color for your ceilings not only gives your rooms a little extra flai... Read More »

How to Paint Walls & Ceilings Different Colors?

In most cases, walls and ceilings should be painted in different colors for architectural and lighting purposes. While this isn't a hard rule---and more people are painting ceilings the same color ... Read More »