Why do southerners paint their porch ceilings blue?

Answer Painting the porch ceiling blue has become a tradition in the South, that is to say, the southern United States. The specific blue color is a light blue, like a cornflower, and has come to be known... Read More »

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What type of paint should be used to paint ceilings?

Answer I've used regular paint to paint ceilings. I think that the main difference in 'ceiling paint' is that it is thicker. But I'm not positive. I didn't have any problems using regular paint. I... Read More »

How to Paint Angled Bedroom Ceilings?

Angled ceilings are no more difficult to paint than flat ceilings. As with any paint job, the key to success is thorough preparation, good paint and the use of appropriate brushes and rollers. You ... Read More »

Paint Color Choices for Ceilings?

Most people paint their ceilings an unobtrusive white. It's simple, timeless and--let's face it -- sometimes boring. Choosing a color for your ceilings not only gives your rooms a little extra flai... Read More »

How to Paint a Room With High Ceilings?

Most any amateur do-it-yourselfer knows how to apply a coat of fresh paint to an ordinary room. However, certain situations can complicate the application process and, sometimes, messes and even in... Read More »