Why do some women have their facebook photographs at angles?

Answer It's called the 'digicam trickshot'It's used by SIF's (secret internet fatties) or Foodsters to hide the fact that they are huge.The angle, the overhead shot, and the "oops, I'm accidentally showin... Read More »

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Some men do not want their ladies to have tattoos, some don't care, and some are fascinated by women who ...?

It makes her easier to pick out of a police line-up.

Why some women falsely accuse their in-laws for interfering in her life and even take their genuine concern as interference and want husbands all to herself?

when women get married, they envision a new life all of their own. Which usually doesn't include their husband's parents (ahem mothers in particular) giving their two cents on every issue in their ... Read More »

If women lactated out their fingers, would all women have to wear gloves?

Probably.The bright side is having octuplets wouldn't be as draining.What about noses. Then having a big nose would be desirable. Can you imagine. Nose enlargement surgery.Seems rather silly, bu... Read More »

Why are women posting inches as their facebook status and then a :-(?

I'll just let you into a little secret.. This is what I got forwarded.. Hello Girlies... day 3 of the 'breast cancer game' thanx to those who have played along. Today all day I want you to put the... Read More »