Why do some women eat their placenta after birth?

Answer It's really good with a little Sriracha sauce. Spicy!

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What is placenta previa in prematurity or premature birth?

Placenta previa, in which the placenta grows too low in the uterus.

What do you think about Tom Cruise planning to eat his unborn baby's placenta/cord after birth?

Who knows - he's gone quite mad of late with the jumping on sofas thing and forcing Scientology onto everyone he meets.There's lots of rumors he's going to eat the placenta but in a recent televisi... Read More »

Don't you think women should stop being goofy & get back to eating placenta 4 their own & their babby's health?

We're actually trying to decide right now if my friends online birth should be followed by a placental cooking or gardening smegment. Maybe we'll do both. The health benefits can not be denied though.

When women give birth why do most women?

BD M, You should realize that it hurts tremendously for the woman too. Can you imagine squeezing a watermelon through a pencil-sized hole? It's gonna hurt.Have you ever said something out of desp... Read More »