Why do some *vegetarians* eat fish?

Answer I have a friend who says shes a 'vegetarian' but she eats fish, I asked her why and she said "Because fishes arent meat"I just rolled my eyes..Whether they like it or not, I call them Pescetarians ... Read More »

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Why do some vegetarians eat fish ?

Vegetarians do not eat fish.Those people have a special name, its "confusing wannabees".You'll find they upset all vegetarians with thier nonsense. Just look at all the thumbs down for the fishy an... Read More »

Why do some vegetarians still eat fish?

i believe someone that eats fish but no other flesh is a pescotarian (sp?). A friend of mine still eats fish, but no other meats, and i do kind of think it's a little odd. Fish aren't swimming vege... Read More »

Why do some vegetarians eat fish and chicken?

Im confused, why do some vegetarians choose to eat fish?