Why do some twins hate each other than being jealous?

Answer Twins don't really hate each other they just hate the fact that they don't feel unique by having a person looking just like them and people don't see pass that. Some twins actually like that they l... Read More »

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How to Make Someone You Hate Jealous?

jealousy we all have to deal with it at some pointHave you ever despised someone and you want to make them jealous? Well here are some tips to make someone you hate jealous of you.

Are the Bryant twins in the episode slumber party related to the twins that played nelson?

You are a mother of 2 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets your oldest twins are 16 and one just got diagnosed with tourettes and OCD is it likely the other twin will have it as well?

Because you may be pregnant or the man tricked your mind of being pregnant.

If a girl slept with two identical twins and got pregnant, would both twins...?

I Think the Careful Analysis of the DNA (Germline), Would Reveal Some Difference. E. g., the Incorporation, of Viral DNA.