Why do some silly people call "USB Flash Drives" "Memory Sticks"?

Answer Your right, it annoys the hell out of me too.Typical conversation at work:-Boss: "Can you do me a favour and put that report onto my memory stick to take home"Me: "Sorry boss, i dont have the card ... Read More »

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Why are memory sticks that plug in to the USB ports on all computers called flash drives?

Its called a flash drive because it uses flash memory. Flash memory is called this because it stores information (like memory) and you can flash it (meaning you can update or delete the info stored... Read More »

Does anyone know any websites for pen drives/memory sticks?

Click on history in your browser the site will be there...

Are memory sticks (USB drives) water proof?

Not exactly water proof, but you can DRY it out. There are no moving parts, and the storage media is deep within the silicone chip, so it will resist damage. The new USB memory sticks are nearly ... Read More »

Are they called "thumb drives" or "memory sticks"?

There is a difference between the two. A memory stick is a brand of memory card. A thumb drive is a portable memory drive.