Why do some restaurants put ice in urinals?

Answer Here are some theories I've seen:The melting ice acts as a slow, continuous flushIce cools the air around the urinal. Cool air sinks, which serves to contain the smellCold discourages drain fliesFu... Read More »

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Why is ice put in urinals?

While it is far more common to see chemically-made deodorizers (called "cakes") in urinals, some restaurants and bars use ice instead. This is not the norm, but ice can be a sanitary alternative to... Read More »

When did men start using urinals?

The Urinals website reports the history of the urinal dates back to 1866 with the first patent granted to Andrew Rankin. The design created by Rankin in 1866 was for a stand up urinal for use by me... Read More »

Tools to Clear out Urinals?

The internal components of a urinal differ somewhat from a conventional toilet, but cleaning and unclogging the appliances is a similar undertaking. Over time, urine solids and minerals from hard w... Read More »

Do urinals require a washdown?

You should wash down your urinal at least once a week if you have one in your home or office (daily if the urinal is used frequently in a large workplace). Use a disinfectant, and make sure to wear... Read More »