Why do some plants become brown on the tips of their leaves?

Answer Besides dry air, there are some other reasons why plants can develop brown tips and leaf margins. Some plants are sensitive to the fluoride and chlorine in tap water. Spider plants, Ti plants, and ... Read More »

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Tips for Dead Leaves on Potted Plants & Brown Spots on Leaves?

Brown-spotted or dead leaves on potted plants can be a sign of several different problems. Environmental damage, a lack of nutrients or even infection can be the causes of such problems whether the... Read More »

My tomato plants have red stems and some of the tips of the leaves are turning brown and curling up crispy?

The curled leaves are caused by lack of consistent watering.Tomatoes like temperatures from 75F to 80F- can go higher.They like heat, sun and air flow. A fan can give them air flow.When the temper... Read More »

Brown Leaves on Tomato Plants?

Brown leaves on tomato plants could indicate fusarium wilt and rot, according to Colorado State University Extension. The leaves may also turn black and fall off. You should suspect fusarium rot if... Read More »

Brown, Dry Tips on Philodendron Leaves?

Philodendrons are among the easiest houseplants to grow as they tolerate low light and indoor conditions. There are many varieties of philodendrons, with some species growing as vines with small le... Read More »