Why do some people still insist on typing everything in CAPITAL LETTERS?

Answer to emphasize or show emotion

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Why do some people insist on being so damn rude on here?

I agree with you totally, and I almost stopped logging on for the same reason - Drama and rudeness between mum's over opinions. I honestly think it's great to have an opinion, but what gets me is t... Read More »

How to Stop Letters from Erasing Other Letters While Typing?

Are you tired of accidentally hitting a key you don't know you hit and the letters on the screen keep on erasing every time you type something behind it? Well learn what key you hit and fix the pro... Read More »

MY 5 year old son still mispronouces some letters?

Sounds substitutions at this age are still pretty common. Is your son in kindergarten or preschool? You could ask that his teacher refer him for evaluation. If he's not in a school program yet, ... Read More »

How to convert capital letters to small letters in MS excel?

Though you could use the LOWER function in a formula, that does not do much good when you wish to convert the text in a large number of cells on a spreadsheet to lowercase. A better approach is to... Read More »