Why do some people remove their tonsils?

Answer I suppose there are a few different reasons medicaly...for me I HAD to have them removed at the age of 12 because like people have previously said, I kept getting infections. ALOT. I had to have my... Read More »

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Why do people get their tonsils removed?

They are only removed if you have repeated throat infections, if the tonsils are persistently infected or otherwise diseased beyond recovery they will take them out. It's not a very common practice... Read More »

Pussy discharge in tonsils throat what is the cause in pockets of tonsils? have tonsillitis, get to a pharmacy! =]

Poll: Why so many people in Y! Answers tell people not to have safe surgeries to remove obvious defects?

They probably don't know the estimated cost, you're right, but they just want to get their opinion out there that they think that getting the cosmetic surgery isn't the best idea.

How do I remove people from my list of inspirational people on Facebook?

Hello Jaz T have to select the person ( a blue box appears around the picture) and then press delete on your keyboard. It took me 5 minutes to figure out this lol =)