Why do some people not wake up from general anesthesia?

Answer You realize that the purpose of anesthetic is to suspend people between life and death right? Because what they are going under anesthesia for would kill them if they were awake, right? It's not ju... Read More »

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Why General Anesthesia is recommended for young people?

That's a broad generalization that doesn't hold true most of the time.The type of anesthetic used is determined by the procedure, the patient's medical problems, and the surgeon's preference.I anes... Read More »

Is general anesthesia safe for people with high blood pressure?

On One Hand: It Is Safe With Controlled High Blood PressureAccording to the Baylor College of Medicine, general anesthesia is usually safe in patients with controlled high blood pressure. All blood... Read More »

What happens if you eat before you go under general anesthesia?

Endoscopy with general anesthesia?

It's not your fault. That type of sedation is crap, to be honest. An anesthesiologist can get you very comfortable, using drugs that are much better. They are not safe in the hands of doctors an... Read More »