Why do some people like to eat cake and other sold foods with a spoon?

Answer You have been called immature for eating cake with a fork? Illogical. I eat cake with a fork, most people eat cake with a fork. It's the ice cream you eat with a spoon. You need to hang around ... Read More »

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Do people use a straw or a spoon for their milkshake?

Why do Chinese people use chopsticks and not fork and spoon?

China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam food is usually eaten with chopsticks; but it was the Chinese who were the earliest culture some five thousand years ago. Their food cooked in pots required twigs t... Read More »

Do the young people of today realize they are being sold a " bill of goods" by the music industry?

I agree that music today is tasteless. I hardly even listen to the radio anymore...I just pop in a cd instead. And the subjects we sing about are less than amusing also. Sex, body parts, drugs, ... Read More »

Cigarettes are killing hundreds of people everyday, why dosen't someone stop them from being sold altogether?

A long time ago, they did something like that with alcohol. Prohibition it was called. It drove the production and distribution and sales of alcohol underground (sometimes literally) and created ... Read More »