Why do some people have higher pain tolerance than others?

Answer Gender can have a factor (because of giving birth, or playing a lot when you were little and getting bruises) but it is mainly dependent on your mental, repetition, and you're your shape. Mental ca... Read More »

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Why do some countries have higher outbreaks of infectious diseases than others?

Yes, sanitation is the biggest problem and clear water. Even the health system is doing something so all together will make the difference, you're just right with your guessing..

Why do girls think they have a higher pain tolerance?

You're entitled to your opinion and I'm not sure if I agree or not. I haven't given birth, but I doubt pain is "just out of the way" entirely with birth considering it's tearing you open. The huge ... Read More »

Why do some peopel get more pain ont heir period than others?

well its true eveyone is different but i think its like my birth mother had a really heavy period and very bad cramps and so did my aunt, by my sister's and mine are slightly less hea... Read More »

Why are some people easier to hypnotize than others?

Hypnosis is a state of mind which everyone has experienced, although many do not attribute these states as being hypnotic. That being the case, everyone is able to reach a state of hypnosis; howeve... Read More »