Why do some people have higher pain tolerance than others?

Answer Gender can have a factor (because of giving birth, or playing a lot when you were little and getting bruises) but it is mainly dependent on your mental, repetition, and you're your shape. Mental ca... Read More »

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Why do girls think they have a higher pain tolerance?

You're entitled to your opinion and I'm not sure if I agree or not. I haven't given birth, but I doubt pain is "just out of the way" entirely with birth considering it's tearing you open. The huge ... Read More »

Best way to increase pain tolerance?

I had the same problem only that being a guy it's even worse because people and society in general just expect man to be tough and walk off even big injuries. I started training martial arts 4 year... Read More »

How do u know if you have a low or high pain tolerance?

If you report things being painful that other people don't, then you have a low pain tolerance, and vice versa.There is no accepted official definition of pain tolerance. Pain is a subjective expe... Read More »

Does having a very high pain tolerance help to endure more injury?

The guy with a really high pain tolerance will last the longest.