Why do some people hang empty glass bottles from trees?

Answer To keep away evil spirits and bad luck

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Where do empty glass bottles go to be recycled?

Glass recycling is a step-by-step process that can be completed in 30 days. Bottles collected at curbside go to a sorting center and then to a cullet processor where they are decontaminated and mad... Read More »

Why do empty spray bottles bought from places like walmart and target only lasts for a week?

Because they are cheap plastic crap?I think you'd be better off recycling plastic spray bottles from other sources. Or pay for a good brand that gets good reviews.

How do I remove labels from glass bottles?

Fill your sink with hot water, place the glass bottle in the water so the label is completely submerged and let it soak for 15 minutes. Roll the label off the glass bottle with your fingertips.Satu... Read More »

How to Remove Labels From Glass Wine Bottles?

Wine bottles lend themselves to a variety of uses throughout the home once the wine is gone. The attractively shaped and sometimes colored bottles can hold flowers, be made into candle holders or b... Read More »