Why do some people hang empty glass bottles from trees?

Answer To keep away evil spirits and bad luck

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Where do empty glass bottles go to be recycled?

Glass recycling is a step-by-step process that can be completed in 30 days. Bottles collected at curbside go to a sorting center and then to a cullet processor where they are decontaminated and mad... Read More »

Empty jones bottles.?

Why don't you just buy and drink a jones soda and keep the empty bottle?....

Where do all the empty plastic bottles go?

Where an empty plastic bottle ends up depends on a number of factors. Many plastic bottles end up in landfills. Where facilities exist, plastic bottles can be recycled. For instance, bottles made f... Read More »

What can you do with empty liquor bottles?

Besides putting them in your glass recycle bin, empty liquor bottles can be reused in craft projects to create decorative centerpieces or creative works of art. Soak off labels with alcohol if desi... Read More »