Why do some people enjoy criticizing Wikipedia so much?

Answer Banks, Big Oil, and Big Pharma (among others) have been getting lambasted by critics, as well as some politicians, for years - everyone's already aware of the problems they represent, and there's v... Read More »

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How to Stop Judging and Criticizing People?

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Why does some people enjoy processed dinners vs home cooked meals?

lots of salt, fat, sugar, and msg.... in other words: the stuff is addicting (but that doesnt meant it actually tastes better)also food seems to taste better when you arent the one that cooks it lo... Read More »

How to Deal With People Criticizing You if You're Emo?

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Why are some people so insistent that Wikipedia is inaccurate?

I totally agree. Those that believe that Wikipedia is a wrong site to look at sources are those that don't even bother looking at how Wikipedia works. Whats even worse, they will criticize the way ... Read More »